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To erect and construct houses, buildings or civil and constructional works of every description on any land of the Company or upon any other lands or immovable property and to purchase, take on lease, acquire in exchange or otherwise own, hold, occupy, construct, erect, alter, develop, colonise, decorate, furnish, pull down, improve repair, renovate, built, plan, lay-out, set, transfer, mortgage, charge, assign, let-out, hire, sub-let or sub-lease all types of land, plots, buildings, heriditaments, bung lows, quarters, offices, flats, chawls, warehouses, godowns, shops, stalls, markets, hotels and restaurants, building, banquet halls, houses, structures, construction, tenements, roads, bridges, land estates and immovable properties whether freehold or leasehold of any nature and description and whatever situated in way and partly consideration for a gross sum of rent or partly in one in other or any consideration and to acquire land for the construction of multi-storied buildings and to license the flats therein on suitable terms and conditions.
To act as an agent for purchasing, selling and letting on hire, land, agricultural land, houses, whether multi-storied, commercial land or residential buildings on commission basis.
To carry on business of traders, merchants, multiple, department stores, shopping mulls either ownership, franchisee or any other basis.
To act as civil contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers for all kinds of heavy and light construction for any firm, companies, Govt. departments or otherwise and to carry on the business as manufacturing of construction materials.
To carry on business of hotel, hospital, restaurant, school, colleges or other educational institutions.

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